Thoughts on Passion Week and Revival

Thoughts on Passion Week and Revival:

While reading the various accounts of the Passion Week in the Gospels several things struck me. First, the same crowd that celebrated His arrival, crying “Hosanna” later cried “crucify Him!” Why? because He disappointed their theological and political expectations.

Second, the religious leaders and theologians were “indignant” (offended) that He healed in the Temple. Why? Because He broke religious tradition and protocol by allowing the “unclean” (blind, lame) on to holy ground and healing them.

Third, His own disciples were “indignant” (offended) that costly oil was poured out on Him. Why? A poverty mindset always sees extravagant worship and radical generosity as wasteful.

And fourth, when Jesus rode into the city, “He saw the city and wept over it” and lamented “You did not know the time of your visitation!”

In contemplating this strange mix of responses to Jesus it occurred to me that it sounds much like how revival is received and treated. Initially, there is great joy. Our prayers have been answered. But it can soon give way to disappointment, offense and indignation. Why? Because when He (who is revival Himself) shows up in our lives and meetings He will do so outside our narrow definitions and expectations. And if we succumb to offense and reject His ways we can “miss the time of our visitation!” This week let’s celebrate Him, receive Him and be extravagant in our worship of Him. Selah