Thailand: March-April 2015

Laying on of hands at G12 Conference Bangkok

Open Doors & Miracles: Thailand!

On March 3rd we left for five weeks of ministry in Thailand. Since arriving we have seen God touch people in ways they have not experienced before! It has been amazing. We would like to give you a brief summary.

1. Shortly after arrival, we were able to minister and do training for more than 300 pastors and leaders at the G12 Conference at Bangkok Liberty Church. In these sessions, we saw several healings and powerful time of impartaion.

2. On Sunday, March 15th, we ministered in the morning service at Liberty Church Pattaya and saw several salvations and healings. We were able to do a training and equipping session in the afternoon on what the Kingdom of God is wih an emphasis on Healing for about 50 of the church leaders. There was a great time of impartation as many hungry hearts came to be prayed for.

3. We traveled north to Chiang Mai to participate in a regional G12 conference which trained and equipped more than 200 leaders from 23 churches.

4. On Sunday, March 22nd, we ministered separately in two different churches. Trish ministered at Chiang Mai New Wine Skins Church and Dan at Chiang Mai Liberty Church. We both had awesome times of ministry. Again, in the afternoon pastors and leaders from other churches in Chiang Mai came together for training, equipping and impartation for healing ministry.

5. As you know, one of he key areas of ministry God has called us to here is to set up homes for children who are at high risk or who have been rescued from human trafficking. On March 24th we were able to travel to Mae Sai (the northern most point in Thailand). It has been called the “gateway for human trafficking” into Thailand. There we met with Pastor Thongbin and discovered she carries the same burden and vision as we do about rescuing and restoring these children.

At this point it seems that we may very soon, within the next few weeks, be able to launch our first home here in Thailand. The way God lead and set this up IS SUCH A MIRACLE!!! Please continue to pray for this project for wisdom, favor, strategy an provision.

6. On Tuesday, March 31, we were invited to do training, equipping and impartation for all the key leaders and cell group leaders at Bangkok Liberty Church. This group numbered more than 200.

7. Throughout the entire last 5 weeks, on numerous occasions, we had salvations, healings, Divine appointments and extraordinary favor.

We could go on and on telling one story after another beginning with the first leg of our flight here. Sometimes, all we can do is shake our heads in awe in what God is doing.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers and support. You play a huge role in what God is doing here. Thank you for partnering with us.

With love and blessings,

Dan and Trish