Prophetic Prayer for the New Year and a New Season!

Dan-Trish Memphis Christmas

Trish and I want to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. We are praying, declaring and believing that 2015 is going to be an amazing and blessed year for all of us! We sense in our hearts that what you have prayed and contended for in previous seasons is about to come to pass. Prayers long ago prayed and forgotten by you are still alive and remembered by our Father. What you thought futile and not heard, still ring in the Father’s ear. They have been treasured and stored up for the day of His breaking forth in power and love. You will be staggered by His glory. You will look in awe at what He is doing. Take heart. Stand and watch His salvation and deliverance overtake you in a day! In this new season you have permission to stir up long forgotten dreams and desires born out of love for God, His people and His Kingdom. Take hold of that in your hearts, press into it by faith and watch what He is about to do!

Happy & Blessed New Year,

Dan & Trish Notley

DTN Ministries

Ministry at Eden Encounter Church

                                   Eden Encounter Church

I will be ministering at Eden Encounter Church, pastored by Steve and Penny Statema in Pillager, MN on Sunday morning August 10. The service will be in the Pillager School and begins at 10:00AM. Come for a time of encounter with the love and power of God. There will be a time of prophetic and healing ministry. Come anticipating…expecting awesome things from our great Father and God!

Dan Notley