Project Thailand

1Over the last several years the global problem of “Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery” has gained increasing attention. One of the countries in which this is a major problem is Thailand. Every year multitudes of poverty stricken or abandoned children are sold into sexual slavery. Our hearts are crying out day and night “This must be stopped!!!” We must rise up, defend and rescue those who cannot defend themselves. It is a matter of justice.

553465_380383512038155_968108249_nOn a recent trip to Thailand we took preliminary steps in establishing a safe home for children who are at risk of being “trafficked” or have been rescued from human trafficking and sexual slavery. As unimaginable as it is this is true of children as young as four and five years old! Recently the United Nations declared that Human Trafficking was now the second largest source of income for organized crime world-wide! We have been talking to a Thai non-profit foundation about partnering with them to establish the first of what we hope to be several such homes. In the (photo above by Nathan Johnson)   initial phase we would have only one home and care for 10 children ages 4 to 10. Our desire is to be actively involved in being part of the solution to this injustice. We want to see a generation of children who have been 4rescued and had their lives, identities and destinies restored. We join the ranks of many who have entered the fight to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Remember that these children are not statistics. They have faces. They are God’s creation with Divine callings, gifts and destinies that need to be restored to them. Every number has a face. Below are some points worth pondering!

  • Currently, Thailand is often referred to as the “Disneyland for Pedophiles
  • The United Nations has listed Illegal Drugs, Illegal Arms Sales and Human Trafficking as the three largest sources of money for organized crime world wide.
  • The UN recently upgraded Human Trafficking from third on this list to second!
  • Thailand has up to 600,000 AIDS cases. Many are children.
  • Most of the industry is driven by European and American Tourists
  • There are an estimated 800,000 to 2 million prostitutes in Thailand.  20% of them are 18 years young, or younger. Many held as slaves in brothels are under the age of 15.
  • Prostitution is “illegal” in Thailand.
  • Often times when brothel owners are being prosecuted, or others involved in enslaving people,   politicians and police officers are bribed to sway cases.
  • According to many NGO’s, prostitution is actively encouraged by both police and the government. (Reporter Thembi Mutch)
  • With the economic boom in South East Asia, the frantic rate of construction springing up in the region has brought more staff with a desire for young sex workers (Reporter Thembi Mutch)
  • In 2008, Traffickers made an estimated $31 Billion buying and selling humans.  In that same year, .05% of this figure was spent by the global community to combat human trafficking.

2So… is our request! The estimated first year budget for a home will be $50,000. This will include full time staff and the cost of caring for up to 10 children. Will you or your business, small group or religious organization consider partnering with us to rescue a generation and save a nation? There are several ways you could partner with us. First, you might consider financial support of this home as a project by your business, small group or religious organization. You can do so on a regular monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. One time gifts are also appreciated. Second, if you are in a position of leadership in a business, small group or religious organization will you consider having us come and make a short presentation of this project? Third, if you or anyone you know, have unused frequent flier miles on Delta, United, Frontier or American Airlines they can be donated (transferred) to us. Every year thousands of unused frequent flier miles expire unused. That would save us a lot on travel expenses. If you are interested in donating miles let us know and we can give you directions on how to do that. Fourth, consider sponsoring a fund raiser for this project. In the future we will be taking teams of those who are interested to Thailand for short term involvement in this project.

We want to thank you so much for you consideration and support! We look forward to partnering with you for the children of Thailand.

If you would like to partner with us by contributing to the ongoing financial support of this ministry you may do so in one of two ways:

Donations by check should be payable to DTN Ministries and mailed to P.O. Box 46151, Minneapolis, MN 55446

Donations may be made on-line by clicking the “Donate” button above.

Thank you for investing in God’s kingdom!