Thoughts on Holy Week: A Tale of Two Gardens and Two Trees

Thoughts on Holy Week:  A Tale of Two Gardens and Two Trees

In the Garden the “first Adam” fell. In the Garden the “last Adam” prayed. When Adam fell, he lost his unhindered relationship to his Father and access to the Tree of Life. In another Garden, the Son of Man (the Last ¬†Adam) prayed three times, “Father , if it be Your will take this cup from me…but not my will, but yours be done.” This prayer reveals His humanity. The suffering before Him was unbearable. He was already feeling the weight and agony of the sins of the world upon Him. So much so that He began to sweat drops of blood. So much so that the Father sent angels to strengthen and minister to Him. In the end His love for the Father and for us compelled Him to obedience. It led Him to another “Tree”, upon which He suffered and died. That act of staggering and almost unimaginable love and obedience opened the way back to the Garden and the Tree of Life and intimacy with the Father for us! SelahIn the Garden