Two Questions, Two Lies, Two Truths: Part 1

Two Questions, Two Lies, Two Truths: Part 1
There are two questions that every human being has to answer. These are the two most significant questions we will ever encounter. How we answer those two questions, two lies and two truths will shape the course of our lives and determine history. And how we answer is determined by our perspective, our history and what voices we are listening to. Let me say up front that as a follower of Jesus I am addressing this issue from a Biblical worldview. These two questions are, first, “If there is a God what is He like?” and, second,”Who am I?”
I believe these two questions and the answers are clearly laid out for us in the Bible. In the creation account in Genesis 1-2, God creates man, male and female, in His own image and blessed them, gave them authority over the earth and commanded them to be fruitful and have families. Man was to represent God on the earth, extending Heaven’s influence over the earth and manifesting and demonstrating His character and nature in their own lives.
Up to this point it is clear that God is not only powerful but good. It says that when He looked at all He created He called it all “good…very good!” All that He created is consistent with and reflects His very nature and character. He cannot create anything out of what He is not. It is also clear that “man” is the greatest and most excellent of His creations. Man was created in the likeness of God to live in a unique relationship with each other and with the Godhead. It’s called family.
In Luke 3:38 he calls Adam” the son of God.” That means that God is our Father. That is not meant to be believed simply as a theological, philosophical or theoretical concept or principle. It is meant to be believed and lived in our everyday experiences. So, God is good, He is our Father and we are His children. We say that, but do we really believe it? Sadly, for the most part we don’t. If we did human history, as well as church history would look different. Why is that?
It because God has an adversary. And our “Daddy’s” adversary is also ours. In Genesis 3 the serpent, Lucifer (Satan) enters the picture. By the way, he is not God’s co-equal. He is a created being and vastly inferior, even before his rebellion and fall from Heaven. He is the enemy of God and all that is good. In this account we have the first record of the strategy he will use to destroy what God loves, willed and created. His only weapon is fear rooted in a lie(that is believed and agreed with). That is why Jesus called him “the father of lies.”
The “two lies” are (paraphrasing), first, “God is not good, is insecure, holding out on you, He doesn’t trust you and you can’t trust Him. You are on your own. Take matters into your own hands.” Second, “You are not like Him. If you do what was forbidden, take control of your own life you will become a god.” In summary, God is not good and you are orphans. From that fateful day, with it’s tragic consequences, every human has been born into an orphan planet with an orphan heart.
From the beginning the enemies strategy has been to distort and slander the image, character and nature of God and His intentions and purposes for man. And he has worked hard at distorting and perverting our understanding of our true identities and destinies. Why? Because any follower of Jesus who knows who God is, what He is really like and who knows who they are in Christ is dangerous beyond description to the powers of darkness! That is the indescribable gift that the cross and the empty tomb has made available to us.
In my next blog I will address the “two truths”; how Jesus dealt with the two lies and what that means for us.