Vision, Mission and Values


  • The purpose of DTN Ministries is to see the Body of Christ rise up and walk in the fullness of God in order that she may accurately and authentically re-present Jesus and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom to the entire world.


  • We will advance the Kingdom of God on earth by proclaiming the Truth, training, equipping and releasing a generation of believers that will go in the love and power of the┬áHoly Spirit and obey Jesus’ command to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19,20).
  • We will promote unity in the whole Body of Christ through love and grace that moves us beyond the barriers that have divided us (Jn. 17).
  • We will promote Righteousness and Justice (Ps. 89:14) by being intentional in the defense of the defenseless and in serving the poor. Specifically to establish safe, loving, family homes for the care of children who are at “high risk” of being “trafficked” or children who have been victims of “human trafficking and sexual slavery” in Thailand and other nations. It is our desire to see them healed and their Divine destinies restored.
  • Our assignment in the U.S., Thailand and nations beyond is to:
  • Release God’s Love & Presence
  • Disciple nations
  • Defend the defenseless (the children)
  • Promote Kingdom Justice primarily by engaging in the fight against human trafficking.


We endeavor to live and express our values through:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Loving people
  • Promoting Justice
  • Living in Community
  • Expanding the Kingdom of God